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Dynamite Entertainment's LONE RANGER Timeline

Cover Gallery

Dynamite Entertainment's Lone Ranger series, started in September 2006, is a new take on the Lone Ranger legend.  This version is a more mature telling of the story.  Dark, gritty, and violent, this series takes the core of the legend and gives it  a few new twists and turns.  This is a time line of DE's "alternate" (for lack of a better term) Lone Ranger universe.

CLICK HERE for a timeline of the classic Lone Ranger and his descendant, the Green Hornet.


James Reid, John Reid’s father, a Texas Ranger, tracks down and ends up killing an outlaw.  He returns home and tries to make John understand that, although the outlaw was a “bad man,” killing him was not necessarily a “good thing.”  (Issues #1, 3)


John Reid jumps a wide ravine.  His brother, Dan, catches him on the other side.  (Issue #1)


John Reid returns home from Harvard.  His father grants him his long-standing wish to be a Texas Ranger, like his father and brother.  (Issue #1)


A group of six Texas Rangers, including John Reid and his brother Dan, and led by their father, James, chase a thief named Collins into a cavern.  The Rangers are ambushed by a band of 10 outlaws.  Five of the Rangers are killed, only John survives.  Tonto happens upon the scene of the ambush and kills the 10 outlaws.  (Issues #1-3)

Collins, who was employed by Butch Cavendish to lead the Rangers into the ambush, is found and killed by Julius Bartholomew, aka “Black Bart,” who is also employed by Cavendish.  Black Bart then begins an investigation to make sure all the Rangers are dead.  (Issue #2)

Tonto nurses John Reid, the lone survivor of the ambush, back to health.  Tonto buries the other five Rangers.  After Reid’s fever breaks, Tonto takes him to visit the graves.  At Reid’s request Tonto digs a sixth grave.  (Issue #2)

Butch Cavendish is in Utah for a big political speech regarding the railroad.  He is also waiting for a message from Black Bart regarding the ambush in Texas.  (Issues #2-3)

John Reid vows to find and kill Collins, whom he believes responsible for the deaths of his father and brother.  Tonto vows to help Reid in his quest, then presents him with the items he was able to salvage from the deceased Rangers.  The package includes a piece of his brother’s black vest, which he uses for a mask.  (Issues #2-3)

John Reid and Tonto go to the Reid family home.  While there Reid melts his Texas Ranger badge and molds a bullet out of it.  He also visits his mother's grave before knocking out Tonto, setting the Reid home on fire, and stealing Tonto's horse to pursue Collins.  (Issue #3)

Black Bart digs up the six graves of the Rangers and only finds five bodies.  (Issue #3)

John Reid finds Collins' home and enters fully intent to kill Collins.  He finds Collins is already dead, with a suicide note pinned to his chest.  Tonto arrives and attacks Reid for stealing his horse.  He then lets him go, rounding up some of Collins' money so Reid can buy himself a horse.  Reid discards his silver bullet, saying "I only had the one killing in me, and it's done."  (Issue #3)

After Butch Cavendish's big speech, he receives a telegram from Black Bart, stating that a 'Lone Ranger' still remains alive.  (Issue #3)

Black Bart pays a visit to the widow of Jonathan Abrams, one of the Rangers killed in the ambush.  He kills her and, seemingly, her child.  (Issue #3)

John Reid visits a man selling horses.  The man has an untamed white stallion who has recently recovered from a fight with a buffalo.  The man keeps telling Reid, "you don't want that one."  But Reid says, "I'll take him."  (Issue #3)

Black Bart visits, and kills, the families of Chris Chambers and Charles Kaplan, two of the deceased Rangers.  The only names left on his list are those of Dan and John Reid. (Issue #4)

John Reid and Tonto, with Reid's new horse, return to the site of the Reid family home.  Reid find a safe containing his father and brother's wedding rings, and a land deed.  (Issue #4)

Butch Cavendish has a meeting with someone regarding the Texas Rangers.  His assistant, Winthrop, interrupts him.  Cavendish beats Winthrop to a pulp, and unceremoniously fires him.  (Issue #4)

John Reid and Tonto find the land from the deed.  It is a mine.  Tonto goes to town to buy mining tools.  While there he discovers the news of someone killing the Rangers' families.  (Issue #4)

Black Bart finds the Reid family home burned to the ground, confirming for him that one of the brothers survived.  He sets out to find relatives of Dan and John.  (Issue #4)

John Reid finds silver in the mine.  His great white horse reacts to the word "silver," so Reid decides to call the horse Silver.  (Issue #4)

Black Bart arrives in Wyoming.  (Issue #4)

John Reid finally admits the fears that have plagued his dreams since the ambush.  Tonto returns his silver bullet and his mask, stating "There is much darkness, Kemosabe.  Light it up."  (Issue #4)

Black Bart comes to the home of Linda Reid, Dan's wife.  Linda and Dan, Jr. are expecting him.  She received a telegram and was told a man would come to collect it.  (Issue #5)