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1973 Gabriel Lone Ranger Collection

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I am trying to compile a list, complete with pictures, of the complete collection of Lone Ranger toys from 1973 by Gabriel/Marx/Hubley.  I know the same toys carried all those company names.  Below is the list of toys I know exist.  I hope to link each to a picture/information page in the future.

Lone Ranger toys available in the 1978 Montgomery Wards Christmas Catalog.  The Lone Ranger poseable figure was priced at $4.94; Silver was $8.99; Tonto was $4.94; Scout was $8.99; Butch Cavendish was $4.94; and the playtown was $15.84. If you bought  the combination of the Lone Ranger & Silver or Tonto & Scout, the sets were priced at $10.93 each.

*This info is from Steven Jensen's Lone Ranger Fan Page*

Action Figures


The Lone Ranger


Butch Cavendish

Dan Reid

Little Bear

Red Sleeves

Tex Dawson

El Lobo


Horses & Animals






Taka (Tonto's trained eagle)




Lone Ranger Stables (Sears Exclusive)

Mysterious Prospector

Solitary Trapper

The Lone Ranger Livery Stable

Prairie Wagon

The Lone Ranger Playtown


Carson City Playset

Tribal Wigwam

Tribal Tepee


Window Boxed Adventure Sets


The Hopi Medicine Man

The Apache Buffalo Hunt

The Tribal Pow Wow

The Hidden Rattler

The Missing Mountain Climber

The Carson City Bank Robbery

The Lost Cavalry Patrol

The Landslide Adventure

The Hidden Silver Mine

The Red River Floodwaters

The Blizzard Adventure


Carded Adventure Sets


The Indian War

The Stolen Rifles

The Crooked Gambler

The Bootleggers

The  Gunrunners

The Secret Corral

The Lazy Trapper

The Broken Horseshoe

The Kidnappers

The Last Chance Saloon

The Stage Robbery

The Rebel Riders